Soft skills make hard cash

"Soft skills" need to be taken much more seriously. Research has suggested they are worth an extra £88bn in increased productivity and reduced operating costs Based upon a formative and cognitive approach to development our unique FLEX framework offers over 300 quality assured programmes that can be blended to meet the needs of your organisation regardless of size or sector.
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Looking for training but short of Time?

FLEX Bite Size offers a world of micro training options, it's a suite of outcomes focused, out of the box, micro development packages covering areas such as personal development, career development, management development, project and performance management and leadership.
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FLEX for Business

Quality Assured and certificated by Pearson FLEX is made up of over 80 programmes and 300 interchangeable modules, providing you with the tools to build and deliver your own competency based accredited learning and development programmes across the entire workforce.

Short Course and Distance Learning Special Offers

View our extensive range of certificated level 2 and 3 short courses

National Awards -Certicicates, Diplomas and SVQs

We are an accredited centre for the provision of a broad range of National Qualifications including • Management • Team Leading • Care based disciplines To view our full range of Certificates, Diplomas and SVQs please click here
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FLEX for Business

Why FLEX? All businesses bid and small rely upon their reputation to thrive and reputations are built upon a skilled and motivated workforce. FLEX provides managers and HR. professionals with the Learning & Development infrastructure needed to build and develop a real competitive advantage –great staff. FLEX provides a simple and cost effective way of developing the skills needed for the work place. The extensive range of development programmes and inter-changeable modules ensures that learning and development dovetails with the operational and strategic requirements of the organisation.

About B-Cap and FLEX

View a short presentation on Building Capacity and the fantastic benefits of FLEX our unique, quality assured, training programme

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FLEX -get the App...

All of our FLEX programmes can be completed online online and via the Ecordia App.

Professional Awards

Vocational qualifications offer practical learning programmes that relate directly to specific job roles or sectors.These are competency based awards, which reflect the core skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin a job role.

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12 Weeks Can Make a Real Difference

FLEX delivered via 4 Workshops over 12 weeks can make a real change to your people.

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